Preparing Your Entry

To help you make an Effective & Successful Entry, here are some TIPS to assist you in writing a compelling entry for the IDA Education Awards 2024

Answer all the Questions Judiciously

  • Make sure you read all the criteria set out on the entry form with utmost care!
  • Read the questions carefully, and ensure you target your answers to the question
  • Keep focused and ensure all information is relevant

Follow the Instructions Completely

  • You must match your entry as closely as possible against the criteria asked for. Entries that do not match the majority of the criteria will not be considered
  • Adhere to the Word count mentioned. The judges are on a deadline too and would be keen to read a concise copy
  • Documents should be within the upload sizes requested
  • Adhere to stipulated uploading formats
  • Complete the nomination form in its entirety
  • Submit before the closing date!

Communicate with Utmost Precision & Clarity

Remember the judges will be looking through hundreds of entries, so:

  • Be concise, clear and focused – with clean, easy-to-digest copy
  • Make it easy for them to make sense of your entry
  • Create a narrative, and make your submission a good read
  • Avoid jargon, inflated claims, unexplained acronyms and unedited copy-and-pasting
  • Do not just print the pages from your website for the judges to read. Remember, it is not about the quantum but the quality & correct format of the material submitted.

Include Enough Supporting Evidence & Documentation

  • Provide all necessary back-up material
  • Include all information and resources that the judges will need to give your entry a fair hearing
  • Please try and obtain up to date Testimonials, Videos, Facts & Figures
  • Make sure the supporting material backs up your claims in the main submission
  • Where necessary, validate your claims to enable the judges to evaluate their impact

Make the Information Easily Accessible

  • The words of your submission form should be the main focus and thrust of your entry
  • Make it easy to access websites and files.
  • Consider creating short URLs and avoid links to lengthy websites.
  • Avoid weighty download files that have to be sifted through to find your point

Delegate the work

  • Designate someone in your Institution as the Awards coordinator – responsible for collating information, contacting referred end users, consulting colleagues, checking facts, writing the initial draft and keeping an eye on timeline and deadline

Do Not Rush! Leave Enough Time

  • Enter early – a last minute rush is likely to impact on the quality of your submission
  • Allocate yourself more time than you think you will need

Proofread – a Must!

  • When the basics are finalized give it to the best writer in your Institution to polish
  • Typos can make a good submission look disordered
  • Thoroughly check spelling, grammar and punctuation

Using these guidance notes will not guarantee success, but it will give your entry the best possible
chance of making compelling reading for the judging panel.


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